Connect the headphone output from your computer or DAC to a line input of your own
audio system or listen via high quality headphones.
To see the Windows Media
Players, u
se the Internet Explorer browser, and "allow" if asked by security.  

The DEMO page you are about to view contains 150 MB of high quality WMA music files and requires a
lot of memory for efficient loading.  If your computer is more than three years old or your internet service
is slow, it may take a few minutes instead of seconds to load the page during which your computer may
become unresponsive.

Rebooting your old computer first to recover maximum resources can make a huge increase in speed of
operation for the demo page.  All other programs should be closed.

Be patient.  This demonstration is worth waiting for

If the DEMO page refuses to load try an alternate page containing 62 MB of lower quality WMA 256 kbps
If you hear AC hum when you connect your computer audio to your sound system here are ways to eliminate it, used either
singly or in combination:
  1. Set the volume on the demo player at maximum so you can use less gain in your audio system.
  2. Plug all your computer and audio components into the same AC power outlet strip so they will all be grounded at the
    same point.
  3. If your computer system has battery backup, disconnect the AC plug to eliminate its ground connection and run it all on
  4. Use 3-prong to 2-prong AC adapters to lift the ground connections on all but one component (the preamplifier) of your
    computer and audio system.  This reduces ground current in the shield of your audio connecting cable.  Use the
    shortest possible cable.
  5. Connect the audio output of your computer or DAC to a stereo differential input on your preamplifier or power amplifier, if

WMA 256 kbps
Open the page in Windows Internet Explorer

Your browser or pop-up protection settings
might prevent the three Windows Media
Players from loading or playing.  Look for a
notice at the top of your screen and allow
them to load.