Version 1.01BBTR
Copyright © 2010, 2015 Burwen Technology, Inc.
Patent pending
  • 2 GHz Intel Pentium or AMD processor
  • 6 MB disk space on drive C: for installation
  • Windows Vista (32-bit only), Windows 7 - 32 or 64-bit
  • Latest Windows updates
  • Windows Media Player 11 or 12 – may be downloaded from Microsoft at:
BURWEN BOBCAT TR provides two fixed processing selections for simple operation.  
  1. BURWEN BOBCAT TR works only with the Windows Media Player.
  2. When playing your music disc or file, select the sound you want, Pure Bobcat, or Smooth Bobcat and compare it to No Bobcat (bypass).  Use the
    sound you like best.  The Player disallows operation with movies.
  3. For additional tone adjustment,  upgrade to BURWEN BOBCAT TONE BALANCER to send your own sound to BURWEN BOBCAT TR, even 5
  4. Clicking on the bobcat face at the top opens these instructions at .
  5. Files previously processed by BURWEN BOBCAT automatically play in No Bobcat mode instead of your selection.  "Already processed" appears at
    the bottom of the window.
Record CDs using the Windows Media Player’s Burn list.  If the BURWEN BOBCAT window shows, the entire CD will have the circled BURWEN
BOBCAT sound.  For highest fidelity start with unprocessed WMA lossless files.

Rip CDs to WMA compressed or WMA lossless (preferred) files using the Windows Media Player’s Rip window.  If the BURWEN BOBCAT window
shows, the WMA file will have the BURWEN BOBCATsound.  For no processing, close BURWEN BOBCAT.  To make MP3 files from WMA files use the
Burwen Audio Converter below.  

Important: In the Windows Media Player top menu item, Tools, Options, Library, do not check “Rearrange
music in rip music folder, using rip music settings” if you want your MP3s to appear in your chosen folder.
If checked, the MP3s will appear in the original music folder and the chosen folder may disappear.

Convert WAV,  WMA, or MP3 files to Burwen Bobcat processed MP3 128 kbps files or WMA lossless files, using the Burwen Audio Converter.  In
Windows Explorer or My Computer, pick up one or a number of individual files with the mouse, or a whole folder of files.  Drag and drop them anywhere
on the Burwen Bobcat window.  A dialog box will ask you to select MP3 128 kbps or WMA lossless.  Another dialog box will ask you to select a destination
folder, which must be different from the source folder because the converted file has the same name and information. Then the files will be converted at
high speed and will appear in that folder under the same titles with .mp3 or .wma extensions.  

In the Windows media Player a file processed by Burwen Bobcat has a subtitle “BURWEN BOBCAT BC” if processed using Pure Bobcat.  It has a
subtitle "BURWEN BOBCAT SH" if processed using
Smooth Bobcat.

A file processed by a different software product such as BURWEN BOBCAT RE using one of its Big Bobcat window's 18 selections has a subtitle
“BURWEN BOBCAT C1” if processed using
Classical 1.  The last letter is the first letter of the processing type, Basic, Vocal, Jazz, Pop Classical, or
and the number indicates selection 1, 2, or  3.  Pure Bobcat files which are the same as Basic Bobcat files, and Smooth Bobcat files are at 0
dB level like
No Bobcat (Bypass) or unprocessed files.  The 18 selections in BURWEN BOBCAT RE's Big Bobcat window are at a softer -5 dB level to
avoid overloading due to boosting extreme low frequencies.  It is best to separate the two types into different folders.

In Windows Explorer or My Computer, BURWEN BOBCAT processed files are identified by a Bobcat icon.  On computers that do not have Burwen
software installed the icons will become visible if you install the free BOBCAT FILE IDENTIFIER available at   
There is no need to download the BOBCAT FILE IDENTIFIER if you have installed any BURWEN BOBCAT digital signal processing product.  You already
have it installed.  

BURWEN BOBCAT software detects "BURWEN BOBCAT" in the subtitle and automatically switches to No Bobcat (bypass) mode.  A small red Bobcat
head and
already processed appears at the bottom of the window; also No Bobcat is circled.

Commercial CDs produced with Bobcat processing will play in
No Bobcat if the Album name shown in the Windows Media Player contain a caret (^).
For compilations only individual tracks will play in
No Bobcat if the track title contains a caret (^).  To make this work the mastering engineer must insert
the ^ at the beginning of the album or track name and notifiy the internet database from which the Windows Media Player gets its album information.  CDs
and files ripped from them do not show the Bobcat icon in Windows Explorer or My Computer.

  1. When ripping CDs to WMA lossless files keep it closed.
  2. When burning CDs for your car open it and select the processing button that sounds best in the car.
  3. Convert to MP3s for your portable player or mobile phone by dropping your WAV, WMA, or MP3 files on the open Bobcat window.  Plug your
    portable player's headphones into your computer and listen first to choose the best button selection for your player.

Music downloaded from websites like iTunes, Urge, and others is may not allow Bobcat processing due to specialized copy protection (part of DRM,
Digital Rights Management).  You can remove the copy protection by burning the files to CD and then ripping to a preferably higher bit rate format such
as WMA lossless or 320 kbps.  Then you can listen via BURWEN BOBCAT TR plugged into the Windows Media Player.  Alternatively Bobcat processing
can be applied during ripping if the Bobcat window is open.  You can also convert existing WAV, MP3, or WMA files to Bobcat processed MP3 128, 256,
or 320 kbps files for your portable player or to Bobcat processed WMA lossless files for your hi-fi system.  

Windows Vista is designed around DRM.  It does not allow Bobcat or any other plug-in to process DVD stereo sound.

BURWEN BOBCAT TR is a 32-bit program and will install in 64-bit Windows 7 as a 32-bit program (x86).  The Bobcat icon will not show in Windows
Explorer in 64-bit operating systems.

If BURWEN BOBCAT TR has not been activated, the Bobcat window will display in red just below the logo: No valid license found.  Click here to activate the software.  Clicking
opens the Bobcat Activation window which offers the three methods for activation.

If the software has been activated and you cannot find it, it fails to process audio or convert files, or it stops the sound, something may be blocking
Bobcat.  Check the options in the Control Panel for speaker setup and in the Windows Media Player for proper speaker and plug-in setup.  Close all
programs.  Reboot your computer.  Open only the Windows Media Player.  Play some music. Go to the menu item View, Plug-ins, Other, BURWEN
BOBCAT and click to place a check mark at BURWEN BOBCAT to make the BURWEN BOBCAT window appear.  With music playing, click
Pure Bobcat
then Smooth Bobcat, and compare with No Bobcat.

If you are unable to make it work, email a description of what happened and a copy of any error messages you saw to

Please visit Questions and Answers and other links at the top left to see if your question has already been answered.  If not, via Email tell us what
computer processor, memory, and sound card or DAC you are using, the version of the Windows Media Player, and your problem.

Burwen Technology, Inc.
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Lexington, MA 02420-1917
 1. Only one Burwen digital signal processing product can be installed on your computer at any given time.  Before installing BURWEN BOBCAT TR, go
     to the Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs or Uninstall a Program and properly uninstall your previous product.  This applies to BURWEN
 2. AUDIO SPLENDOR.xls and BURWEN BOBCAT TONE BALANCER.xls are Excel workbooks and more than one can be installed at the same
     time. More than one can be open at the same time.
 3. Place your setup file in a new folder C:\BURWEN BOBCAT.  Be sure your Internet connection is still working.  If BURWEN BOBCAT TR is part of
     the BURWEN BOBCAT TONE BALANCER installer the file is named BBTBsetup.exe.  For BURWEN BOBCAT TR alone the file is named
 4. Double-click the setup file to start installation.  If the BURWEN BOBCAT TONE BALANCER INSTALLER window appears, click the BURWEN
     BOBCAT TR button.  
 5. Follow the instructions in the installer window until the Burwen Registration Wizard appears with a field (slot) for Serial Number entry.
 6. Find your serial number in the Email you received earlier from having the subject line "Your Burwen Software Serial
 7. Instead of typing your Serial Number, for perfect accuracy, copy and paste it.  Hold down the left button while sliding the cursor over all the letters
     and numbers of the Serial Number.  Release the button.   Press CTRL+C to copy the selected number to the Clipboard, and then paste the number
     at the cursor in the Serial Number field, using CTRL+V.
 8. Fill in the information requested by the Wizard, click next, and your information will be sent encrypted to the Burwen Activation Server for verification
     with your order.
 9. Upon receiving and verifying your information the Burwen Activation Server gets an identification number (ID) from your computer and returns an
     unseen key number that automatically enables your software indefinitely, but only on your computer.  Installation finishes and you can use your new
     software.  Your computer ID is kept confidential.  If activation fails, see the instructions below.
 10. BURWEN BOBCAT TR has been completely installed at the end of this process.  When opened in the Windows Media Player, It will process audio
      only if it has been activated.  If a valid license key has not been received and accepted, a red notice in the Burwen Bobcat window will offer a link
      to the Burwen Bobcat Activation window.  You can also open the Activation window from Start, Programs, Burwen Bobcat, Activate Burwen
BURWEN BOBCAT TR performs digital signal processing as a plug-in for the Windows Media Player.  When open, it processes recorded sound
during ripping, playing, or burning, and converts multiple WAV, MP3 and WMA music files to Burwen processed MP3 or WMA lossless files.
Its Pure Bobcat button selection uses patent pending high-frequency reverberation to restore the original intended sound.  Its Smooth Bobcat
button adds fixed equalization and NO SCREECH dynamic equalization to reduce shrillness without muffling high frequencies.
BURWEN BOBCAT TR does not open from the Start Button.
  1. Open the Windows Media Player by inserting a CD or DVD in the drive or by double clicking its icon.
  2. Go to the menu item View, Plug-ins, Other, Burwen Bobcat and click to place a check mark at Burwen Bobcat.  The Burwen Bobcat
    window will open.
If the menu is not visible, in Windows Media Player 11, open the Library window and click the leftmost of two down arrows next to the search box at
upper right.  Click Show Classic Menus.  In Windows Media Player 12, open the Library window and click Organize, Layout, Show Menu Bar.
If the Registration Wizard displays an error message and offers Email activation, skip this and Finish.   
 1. Go to Start, All Programs, Burwen Bobcat and click Activate Burwen Bobcat.  This will open the Burwen Bobcat Activation window which offers three
     methods for activation.  Click on line 3.  Follow the instructions in the dialog box that opens so that you will send the Site Code shown in red along
     with your contact information to will email back to you a license key (Site Key) code.
 2. When you receive your license key, keep the Email open.  Go to Start, All Programs, Burwen Bobcat, and click Activate Burwen Bobcat.  This will
     open the Burwen Bobcat Activation window again which offers three methods for activation.
 3. As you already have your license key, click on the second line to open a window for entering your Site Key.  You can type it manually or copy it
     from the Email and paste it at the cursor.
 4. To copy from the Email, hold down the left button while sliding the cursor to select all the letters and numbers of the code number.  Release the
     button.  Press CTRL+C to copy the selected number to the clipboard, and then paste the number at the cursor in the Site Key field, using CTRL+V.  
     Click Activate.  
Your serial number is set to allow one extra activation in case your computer fails or you want to transfer your BURWEN BOBCAT software to a new
computer.  Your license does allow use on two diffierent computers operated by the same one person.  The BURWEN BOBCAT TONE BALANCER which
includes BURWEN BOBCAT TR can be installed on your main computer and on a remote control laptop.  Both parts of the program are needed on each
computer and they must be the same version.  You might want to use the programs both at home and at your office.

If you have used both activations and experience a computer failure, Burwen Technology, Inc. can help you.  Contact us and request an extra activation for
your serial number.