BURWEN BOBCAT TONE BALANCER.xls is an Excel workbook that
makes new 2-channel or 5-channel sounds from 2-channel music files.  It
sends the new sounds locally or by remote control to BURWEN BOBCAT
TR for listening only.  Change your sound from a wireless computer on your

Unlike graphic equalizers, the 6 tone controls operate completely
independently, their contributions add directly in dB, and they cover a huge
range of more than +/- 70 dB at extreme high and extreme low frequencies,
all in fine 0.1 dB steps.  High frequency reverberation choices: EXTREME,
RECITAL, BASIC, and OFF really bring out the spirit and feeling of your
music tracks.  Hear what you have been missing!
Digital recording began in 1976.  The signal in a $50 CD player is the same as in a $10,000 player and has hardly changed.  BURWEN BOBCAT
is the
first fundamental improvement since 1976.
Mark Levinson, one of the most outspoken critics of digital audio, convinced Dick Burwen to adapt his new AUDIO SPLENDOR professional
mastering software to a consumer version that makes recordings sonically natural, non-fatiguing, and usable with digital audio systems from the
most advanced to iPods and cell phones.   
BURWEN BOBCAT TR plugs into the Windows Media Player, taking advantage of its music library.  Lossless music files
play with higher quality than any CD player.  At its Pure Bobcat setting Burwen's patented high frequency reverberation
together with slight tonal rebalance brings out the thrill of the music.  Smooth Bobcat uses new NO SCREECH technology
that removes shrillness from a singer's loudest notes.

BURWEN BOBCAT software for PCs turns your computer into a CD  player with sound quality exceeding the most
expensive available.  It enhances sound when listening, ripping, or burning CDs, and high-speed converts files to processed
WMA lossless files or to MP3s that give your iPod or musical cell phone sound in good headphones comparable with a very
expensive hi-fi system.
Since 2006 users of BURWEN BOBCAT software have been telling us how it brings back the realism and feeling of their music and makes it easy to listen
longer.  Two even told us it changed their lives.  Now we have BURWEN BOBCAT TR (true) that is simpler to use and incorporates our latest technology,
and BURWEN BOBCAT TONE BALANCER that will transform both your music and your sound system.
  • It works with any DAC including your computer's sound card,
  • Save (rip) all your CDs as lossless WMA files on your hard drive.  Processed if you want.
  • Listen via BURWEN BOBCAT.
  • Burn processed CDs for your car.
  • Convert to processed MP3s or WMA lossless for your iPod or cell phone.
  • CD irritation and listening fatigue disappears.  You can listen longer and louder.
  • It makes historical recordings beautiful, natural, and sounding like they were recorded yesterday.
  • Hear the detail, dynamics, smoothness, and clarity of the music whether loud or soft.
Thank you for putting the feeling back in music recordings.  You're making people very happy and it's just beginning.  I am looking forward to this. -

Rob Fraboni, Grammy award winning record producer works with Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Bonnie Raitt, The Band, and many other top artists.
Audio reviewer John Mazur lived with BURWEN BOBCAT for 8 months and found it changed his life.  Read his article, Setting Sail on a Whole
New Ship, in the November/December 2006, issue 28 of Positive Feedback Online.  
ABC (Int'l) Records in China produced the first BURWEN BOBCAT processed LP Records.
Audiophile purists can use the BURWEN BOBCAT TONE BALANCER without fear of degrading their signal chain.  Equalization is calculated with double
precision, 64 bits floating point, and high frequency reverberation is calculated with 32 bits floating point.  Unlike analog equalizers that may not be
transparent at their flat setting due to part tolerances, the gain is mathematically 1.

Even if you are unwilling to compensate the huge variation in frequency response of various music files, your system needs a final fine adjustment in tenths
of a dB to achieve optimum tonal balance on the best quality program material.  It will make a big improvement.
Dick Burwen has a lifetime of experience designing tone controls and multiple loop high-feedback systems.  He believes frequency response is
the most important characteristic of a sound system.  Read why Dick had to
adjust the tonal balance of his 20,000 watt hi-fi system.  
In the opinion of audiophiles, ordinary listeners, engineers, producers, audio journalists BURWEN BOBCAT is essential to making recorded
music truly enjoyable.  
Read what they have to say.
TIPS ON TONE will teach you how to improve your speaker system.  Learn the tricks of controlling presence, extending your bass an octave
lower, controlling the width of the stereo image, and making horrible recordings surprisingly better.